Nabilla Benattia Will Not Revert By Box Prison

Nabilla Benattia :

On 19 may, Nabilla Benattia will appear before the Correctional Court of Nanterre for stabbing boyfriend Thomas Vergara. Even if it violated his judicial review by reviewing her boyfriend, she will not return to prison before the start of his trial according to Le Parisien.


Nabilla Benattia could not deny. On his account Instagram, she has published many cliches which it embraces its Darling, Thomas Vergara in recent months. However, his judicial review for having punched two stabbing her boyfriend in the night from 6 to 7 November 2014 forbade him from coming into contact with the latter. In his autobiography too quickly, Nabilla Benattia has even revealed that she had managed to write and transmit messages from the prison where she was incarcerated for a month and a half.


Wednesday, the reality TV starlet was convened by the judge of freedoms and detention, who had been informed of the getaway in Switzerland of the couple in January while Nabilla Benattia doesn’t always have the right to leave the national territory. The columnist‘s TPMP emerged free and don’t revert through the box before prison the startof his trial before the tribunal correctional Nanterre, fixed to May 19. Nabilla Benattia will judicata “violence a gravees.”


In his recent interviews, Thomas Vergara companion did not hide that it did not envisage a single moment to return to prison. In the Paulette magazine, Nabilla Benattia confided that his stay behind bars was used lesson: “you doing grown up if you manage to overcome it. It has hardened me, and above all it allowed me to get out of the star system, the race to success, fame. I‘m dropped on Earth and I realized that I had to do things for me and not for others.”

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