Nabilla Benattia Had The Right To Send Messages

Nabilla Benattia :

During his trial, Nabilla Benattia has posted many messages to her fans on social networks. Conduct that debate from a legal point of view.


“I have the impression that it is the Cannes film festival in the Court”. This Friday, many French have been shocked by the attitude of Nabilla Benattia during his trial. The starlet was considered the Nanterre Tribunal as a result of the wounds to his companion Thomas Vergara two years ago. Very serene, the ex-chroniqueuse of TPMP has not hesitated to tweeter and send messages to Snap chat directly from the courtroom. An attitude that has not failed to annoy Julien Courbet as he did know about the talk-show presented by Cyril Hanouna plateau by comparing its small number of stars on the markets of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.


For their part, Betty colleagues interested in the attitude of the young woman wondering if she had the right to communicate via his mobile phone during his trial. The answer is unclear. In accordance with article 38 ter of the Act on freedom of the press of 29 July 1881 it is forbidden “register, set or pass the word or the image” but not to post messages on the Web according to Me Eolas which considers that texting messages are not records”. “They are forced to take notes or make drawings of press”. Nevertheless, the president of the conseil des prud’hommes had indicated that he did not want mobile phones to be used during the hearing. The behavior of Nabilla Benattia was at the limit of legality…

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