Miranda Kerr Gets Serious With The Multi-billionaire

Miranda Kerr :

Supermodel Miranda Kerr and Snapchat founder Evan mirror make nails with heads


In Hollywood, everything goes a little faster: Miranda Kerr, 33, and Evan are mirror nor Allied not even for a year, but now it gets serious. The couple bought a common love nest in the vicinity of Los Angeles.


Pure luxury


The new estate is a true glory real estate: $12 million (EUR 10.5 million) Evan should have scrolled down mirror, Chief Executive of the Internet company Snapchat, for this. It reported the celebrity website ‘tmz’. The 25 year old seems to have a penchant for expensive luxury homes. 2014, he paid just 3, 3 million dollars for other Villa in Los Angeles.


Room for all


The new common house to include about 665 square meters of living space and have luxurious extras such as swimming pools, a fitness room and a guesthouse. There will not be a fight for the shower in the morning: there are a total of six bathrooms.

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