Lily-Rose Depp Skinny Figure Worries

Lily-Rose Depp :

Of course slim or already too thin? Media and fans are more divided opinion in light of new photos of lily-rose Depp


At the met, the Superstars of the fashion, film and music scene Gala 2016 provided quite a few topics of conversation. Lily-rose Depp made with her figure but for medium-sized horror.


Fragile like glass


Yes, was the daughter of Hollywood star Johnny Depp and singer Vanessa Paradis like her mother have always been very petite. Her prominent bone and spindly little arms placed some guests and photographers on the red carpet for the Gala in concern. It is no longer only delicate and thin, but fragile and sickly.


Since the modeling career of pretty 16 absorb trip, she is even thinner than already.


Hopefully, Lily-rose Depp is not an another celebrity, who fell for the low-fat craze. Some extra kilos would be even very well her Petite figure.


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