Kim Kardashian Shows Her Weight On The Scales

Kim Kardashian :

It‘s almost done Kim Kardashian! It offers a view on their scale and shows that it has almost reached her weight, which she had before the birth of Saint. It seems quite successful as the strenuous diet marathon run


A look at Kim’s scale

It‘s as good as done! Kim Kardashian weighs now almost as little as before pregnancy with her second child Saint, which came about four months ago on the world.
There, Kim Kardashian weighed approximately 67.5 kg. currently she is approximately 69.8 kg. mega success in such a short time. For Kim too while eating takes a step back.


Four months ago her second child, son Saint West, Kim Kardashian, 35, has brought to the world. Since then, she struggles to get rid of those baby pounds. On its website “” she betrayed now according to “Mail Online” that she has lost 19 kilos already. She has a lot ahead of her: your goal is to take off 30 kilos,so the reality star of TV.


At the Portionchen, which takes the it-girl, it is no wonder that she has lost so many pounds. Because now she post their dinner on Snap chat. A little scrambled eggs with a spoon of quinoa salad.


Is one enough?


Really rich, this dish doesn’t look. How to get tired of it? Maybe Kim a little too seriously their diet. Or but not


Waffle SIN?


Because shortly after followed a much richer photo, which definitely deserved the Hashtag #foodporn. A large portion of waffles with strawberries, blueberries and a regular beat cream. Kim’s comment: “Churro Waffle Wuuut!”


Whether the 35-year-old actually ate this sin. We do not believe it. Because only a few days earlier she showed her daughter North lunch and their compared. North schlemmte “Mac n Cheese” during Kim Kardashian nice knapperte salad. Labelled “my lunch vs. North’s lunch”, a frustrated Emoji.


Great destinations


For Kim Kardashian, it is apparently not only important clothing to fit, which has been before this pregnancy. She wants back probably to the figure, which they had before their first child of North West. Her daughter came to the world in June 2013. The 35-year-old has already first successes. She posted a photo of the March 2015, writing:“my old sports stuff. Adjust again.” Your favorite food at the moment she showed their fans also: Chicken Salad with almonds. During pregnancy with Saint she has gained 27 kilo, candidly told the star. She relies on sports and the Atkins diet to remove.

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