Kim Kardashian Beauty Shot For The Red Carpet

Kim Kardashian :

Prior to major events, the stars plan their beauty preparations down to the smallestdetail. Makeup, hair, outfit all have to sit. It-girl Kim Kardashian but as always overshoots the mark. Before the this year’s met Gala had they come its beauty-doc


It-girl Kim Kardashian is known for her extravagance. She and her entire family have a flat rate for the beauty doc and make no secret too.


The year’s met Gala appeared the 35-year-old in a metallic Balmain dress, wet hair and a great makeup. Always top styled as we know it.


The slightly different preparation


For her radiant complexion, not only a professional make-up artist was responsibleno, Kim Kardashian was before her appearance on the red carpet without further ADO at the beauty doc.


To obtain a particularly beautiful glow, she let Miss out a so-called I.V. injection.

Beautiful shining in 30 minutes


The I.V. doc can be ordered over easy home and takes care of all problems of the beautiful and rich. Whether an infusion of Tomcat, jet lag or just for the perfect, radiant facial complexion. He is only 30 minutes.


His services cost from 130 euro stars to open top.


Get the glow


Kim Kardashian chose the “Beautify” treatment for measly 350 euro. This infusion conjures up a healthy skin and great hair for an event with many vitamins and electrolytes.


But not only Kim came up with this idea. Also Kate Upton and Hairstylist Bryce Scarlett left Gala again refresh itself before the met.

Normality in Hollywood


“The I.V. doc normality has become among the stars but long ago. Neil Patrick Harris ordered the service as a hangover treatment after a hot night of new year’s Eve and even Gwyneth Paltrow and Audrina Patridge are customers.

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