Kendra Wilkinson Shows Her True After Baby Body

Kendra Wilkinson :

Also stars are only human. So two pregnancies at a beauty like Kendra Wilkinson pass left its mark. On Instagram she posts her blunt after baby body now suitable for mother‘s day


Mother‘s day post also ex-Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson a photo on Instagram. She would like to thank for their two children and expressing how happy they make the two. “Look what my two babies did… You made me”happy. Here, she shows how her two children changed their body.


Ehrlich as otherwise hardly a star shows her after baby body and is far from perfect.


Firm, sexy and streak-free?


Many models want to make us believe that it is almost normal to be short again in tip-top shape after birth. You present yourself tight, sexy and streak-free.


Kendra Wilkinson is now showing the absolute human reality and thus refuted all the cliches of celebrity.


The true after baby bodysuits


The 30-year old shows her belly with stretch marks and dents far from tight. An honest snapshot of their current figure two years after the birth of her daughter aliyah.


Hats off, that most celebrity ladies had not dared guess.


Positive feedback


Their courage has been rewarded. The reactions were positive on your photo. Comments such as: Kendra Wilkinson, you so much more confident made me. Great respect to you!”piled up.


It’s great that there‘s still so gloriously normal stars!

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