Katy Perry: She Says to Go Alien Photos

Katy Perry :

Katy Perry plays in a mysterious Twitter post on the kissing photos of Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez


It‘s been six days that Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez cuddling in Las Vegas have been seen although Orlando is actually going out with Katy Perry! Since then speculated about a possible affair between Orlando and Selena. Now, Katy Perry reports finally to Word. Not clearly, but certainly an allusion to the currently powerful heated rumor mill.


Is that all?


Katy Perry wrote on Twitter: “Is that all there is?” and posted to the eponymous music video by Peggy Lee. The song is about disappointing experiences in life and in love. She thinks herself may be? In the lyrics it says among other things: “we were so in love.Then, one day, he left me and I thought I must die. “But I didn’t do it.” Indicates you here something that she herself has undergone?


Conspiracy theories?


A few hours later however the singer posts yet an article about Orlando and his volunteer work in the Ukraine and writes: “Instead of giving still feed the conspiracy theories, this read better”. A diversion or Katy Perry is actually quite relaxed about the events?


You were just in love holiday


Only in March Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry were common in Hawaii. There, the pair should have been very in love.


Experience with third-party enthusiasts


Orlando Katy Perry should really have cheated, it would be not the first experience with an unfaithful man for Katy. Also, her ex-husband Russell Brand is to be cheated several times.

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