Justin Bieber PETA Is Pissed

Justin Bieber :

According to the animal rights organization PETA Justin Bieber can be glad that a snapshot with a Tiger has cost him life


Fatal snapshot


Just has succeeded in largely Justin Bieber (22, “Purpose”) from all negative headlines, as a snapshot at the engagement party of his father in Toronto is his undoing. Because on the screen on his Instagram page he rubbing shoulders with a tiger for the party ordered from a Zoo apparently specifically. For the animal rights organization PETA, again reported by the poor conditions of such animals from Canadian zoos, an absolute no-go. The reports including the “Daily Mail” page.


PETA is pissed Justin is an animal torturer?


In a statement, PETA Vice President Lisa Lange explains: Justin Bieber can be glad that this tiger stressed, living in captivity has ripped out not the throat him”. Above all it was the zoo came from the also this tiger who always miss handle his animals: “Especially the Bowman ville Zoo was being caught, as is a tiger 17 times with a whip was defeated, in a pose of submission and fear on the back was long as the big cat.”


It is not the first time that Justin Bieber got in trouble because of an animal. 2013, German authorities confiscated a monkey, Justin Bieber took with him on tour to Munich, which was held not humanely.

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