Jessica Biel She’s Worried For Her Son

Jessica Biel :

Silas Randall Timberlake celebrated its first anniversary in April and is the greatest gift of his parents. MOM Jessica Biel is therefore also constantly worried about the little bundle of joy


m April 2015, Jessica Biel has become for the first time mother. Since then she keeps busy Silas you smaller. And life as a MOM is not always easy, as the actress herself had to determine: you is constantly worried about her son.

Is it healthy to Silas?


Compared to “Just Jared” the actress revealed: “I‘m constantly worrying about him.He has problems with speaking, because he‘s doing this weird thing with his tongue? Why, he stretches out his tongue constantly? Fast crawling, super fast crawling is that ok? Are his knees ok? Can he break your knees?” Ordinary worries of a loving mother so wished for by heart, that‘s okay your child.


She learns so much as Mama


But Jessica Biel draw something positive from the many fears Jessica learns constantly: “you learn that knees have no bones. They consist only of cartilage. These are all things, I previously didn’t know that!” And that Silas is so all sorts of nonsense and minor injuries may also not stay off, you can imagine, when the 34-year-old says. “He is a clown, like his father. A real Clown.Er will find everything funny. He thinks it‘s funny to sneeze. Currently he is in a phase in which every body function is totally funny.”

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