Jennifer Lopez Beach Bag for 2,000 euros

Jennifer Lopez :

Jennifer Lopez is a diva through and through. Even for a beach trip, it must be only at its finest. Equipped with silk scarf, designer glasses and exclusive Luxus bag in the pleasure of Sandy‘s,


Jennifer Lopez enjoying their trip to Miami Beach to the fullest. It is known that one should be more casual and virtually dressed seaside because of salt water and fine-grained sand, really anywhere coming out. But these Wei h she it not quite certainly applies to Jennifer Lopez.


J-Los sinfully expensive Beach look


Around the head, the diva has wrapped a huge Seidencarre of Valentino floral print,the luxury eye wear protects against sun rays and all too prying eyes and fits exactly with the Golden Hoop Earrings and gold chains. To the White T-Shirt, she combines a breezy Pareo by Missoni about her bikini panties.


Beach bag? The Louboutin bag is good enough


Their flip flops she simply put in their “beach bag” and goes barefoot through the sand at the booth of Miami. Her two-tone bag is from one of her favorite designers:Christian Louboutin. the “Paloma large tote bag” is what you can expect almost 1,900 euros also quite spacious. After all, the bag has four fixed legs, so that it touches the ground when parking. Absent for the use on the beach.


But at the end of the Beach the Assistant to Jennifer Lopez her sweetheart is again ENT sanden, burnish and accommodate in the walk-in closet. A totally relaxed Beach-style so.




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