Jennifer Lawrence Relationship Killer was Shaving Cream

Jennifer Lawrence  :

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult led a long on-off relationship. With a humorous anecdote, Jennifer Lawrence now tells how it came to the final separation


The reason for divorce: Shaving cream


A beauty product can also just destroy a relationship. At least, if you Jennifer Lawrence, 25, can trust: the actress proved usual smart, in an interview with “Extra’s” when she stated, shaving cream that she separated from her longtime friend Nicholas Hoult, 26, would have resulted. But from the front.


Jennifer Lawrence plays the character “Mystique”, for which she is always had to wrap in blue color in the “X-men” films. “Shaving cream is really well suited, get down to the color. NIC hated it but, when I got home and smelled like a man and was just tired”, says the 25-year-old. “I told him: ‘Don’t touch me, I‘m too tired!’ He replied: ‘ you smell like a man ‘ “.


On/off relationship with Hoult


Of course the witty anecdote of the Oscar-winning actress is not meant quite seriously. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas were since the shooting “X-men: first class in 2011 a couple, separated but two years later in January and ventured a second attempt in July finally. The long distance relationship failed again due to full schedules. Now they are good friends.

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