Heidi Klum Trouble at The Ballermann

Heidi Klum :

Heidi Klum is currently on the sunny island of Majorca and visited also the famous“mega Park” at the Ballermann. Also pop star Mickie Krause wanted to celebrate there, was once attacked by Heidi’s bodyguard


Heidi Klum is currently due to the samples to the great “Germany’s next Top model ‘finals in Mallorca. Last Sunday (May 8), she however took a break from the stressful show everyday life and celebrated at the season opening of the “mega Park” at the Ballermann. Mickie Krause also wanted, but was prevented by the bodyguard of brutal because of the models.


The bodyguard’s freaking out


Jurgen Drews, Olivia Jones, Matze Knop were allowed to celebrate Heidi them all in the ‘mega Park”. Only not Mickie Krause, who was even not only in the large room nightclub. At the entrance to artists he waited for inlet, but the security guard of the 42 did not recognize him, considered him perhaps a pushy fan and went off to the singer. A video published by “Image”, shows how Mickie taps the security on the shoulder and is immediately attacked.


Mickie was allowed to celebrate yet


Heidi’s bodyguard grabs the “Had only shoes” Bastin at the collar and quite rudely presses him against a fence. Bystanders call: “This is Mickie Krause”, but it will take until the man by Mickie down. Could the 45 year old still in the “mega Park” for later hours and agreed his best-known title directly on the stage “go but at home, you old shit on. But: “this was not Heidi Klum, this was the security man. But forget it! It was just a misunderstanding. Can happen so times”, said Mickie the newspaper then.

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