Heidi Klum Study: She’s No Role Model

Heidi Klum :

Heidi Klum, model-MOM and “Germany’s next top model juror, is still very popular for this according to a study no real model


The ratings of “Germany’s next top model” last rose in the current eleventh season,whose finale will be shown on Thursday, may 12, live on Pro Sieben. It will be Heidi Klum also presenter. The 42-year-old is still very popular and selectively uses their positive advertising effect, as a new study of “human fire index has found out. To do this, the target group of 15-49 year olds up women was examined.


They polarized


The model is a term almost every woman in the audience. Because it polarizes. In addition to modelling, there are great entertainment talent, their experience in this industry and their professionalism that make possible the success. So call up 46 percent as fans or sympathizers, a quarter falls under the “hater”. Their popularity is undisputed especially among 15-up 19-year-old. Almost every girl knows them and they can not suffer any of the only twelve percent. As 88 percent are their (Heidi Klum) positive advertising effect aware. This value is one of the best, who can reach the stars here.


Heidi as a role model?


Their values according to, one would think that she‘s the role models of many. However, only 19% see the Germans as an example and only 15 percent can identify with her. However, it won’t hurt their popularity.


A family event


Heidi Klum found sympathetic not just of young girls. There are also especially mothers who like to like the model. You reached about 75 percent of all persons in the successor generations with their advertising effectiveness. Mothers and daughters look GNTM apparently together. It will in some of them the firm tradition Thursday evening to keep shortly after eight for the series.


Gold mine


Supposedly, the sales of some brands is expected to increase during the months of broadcasting by up to 30 percent. Because many feel addressed by the product placement of beauty and skin care products. So, the car manufacturer shall Opel each year on advertising.


Even if Heidi Klum does not serve as identification figure and role model, the viewers love it the well-known Heidi saying: “I have unfortunately no photo for you”, to hear and yet diligently tracking for shipment.

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