Coco Austin Sunbathing With Baby

Coco Austin :

Recently, model Tamara Ecclestone in the criticism was when she photographed her twoyearold daughter totally burnt on the beach. Now, the next celebrity MOM sets up and shows up with her baby in the partner look in the blazing sun. Do we have really?


As Tamara Ecclestone posted a photo of her 2-year old daughter from vacation a few weeks ago, it was powerful criticism. It was said the little girl was burned completely.


The young mother denied this however. Sophia was not nearly burned and would wear SPF 70.


In the partner look on the sun lounger

Now, a more, young MOM makes headlines. Coco Austin posted a picture of her and her young daughter on her Facebook page. Chanel is only less than half a year old and posing with her Mama in the partner look.


On vacation in St. Barths, daughter in the red and white striped bikini is Coco Austins alongside her mother in a red white striped bathing suit. Both on a Chair. Both in the Sun.


It hails criticism


The model had no long wait for negative reactions and criticism. Comments like: “I hope the baby wears sun protection” or “Wears Chanel SPF 50?” piled up quickly.


Not entirely surprising. Finally, baby’s skin is more sensitive to some and should be exposed to direct sunlight.


The mother is silent


So far, Coco Austin has not expressed criticism. Probably searching out grade a new outfit for Chanel, so that the next photo can be staged perfectly.

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