Candace Cameron ‘Fuller House’ Star Admits Bulimia

Candace Cameron :

“Fuller House”-Star Candace Cameron Bure now made a shocking confession: litte for years, at an eating disorder


Since the launch of “Fuller House”, Candace Cameron is again on everyone‘s lips. Long one but didn’t know what had become Tanner actress from the D.J. and how fared you after the huge success of “Full House”. Now, the actress made a shocking confession: for years, suffered bulimia.


She sought comfort


“I had a very unhealthy relationship with food, what has become a bulimic. So, that was a few years. But not because of my body image and to me externally good feel,but to find solace or to fill gaps in my own”, so Candace Cameron in an interview with“Entertainment Tonight”.


Identity loss


The 40-year-old Bure married her husband, hockey player Valeri, then in 1996, got three children. But Candace Cameron felt lonely despite her family and compensated this loneliness with food a problem. “I lost my identity in a sense somehow. What happened was that I used food for it to feel me, if my husband on the way and I was alone.”


Like a runaway train


Nevertheless, Candace Cameron realized that with her something: “I knew that I have a problem. It‘s like a runaway train, you want to get off, but don’t know how.”


Understanding from her husband


Her husband from her eating disorder to tell Candace Cameron was difficult, yet she dared and were rewarded for their courage: “But he had can raise not more understanding and support, which was such a relief for me.” Eventually, her husband and her Pastor helped Candace to overcome the disease. Now, she want to convey a healthy diet their children.

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