Beyonce: She Exploit Their Workers ?

Beyonce :

Beyonce causes a stir with her sport collection “Ivy Park”. It now reaps criticism due to manufacturing.


Singer Beyonce (34, “4”) according to “The Mirror” accused of exploiting workers in the production of their clothing line “Ivy Park”. The hourly rate would be about 55 cents and the employees would have to work 60 hours a week. A week‘s pay 5.50 euros will be in Sri Lanka while still over the minimum wage, however, no adequate payment. Still the fashion line of “lemonade” singer makes the slogan to inspire women and support this would however only exploited during the production.


Environmentalists denounce the selling British fashion chain Top shop, which required it to examine the working conditions. The company defends itself against these insinuations. The team work very closely with the suppliers and their factories. ‘We are proud on our continuing efforts concerning factory inspections and quality assurance’ says a spokesman for the chain. The singer himself did not comment yet regarding the allegations.

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