Bella Hadid More Leg Slot Does Not Go

Bella Hadid :

Dared and won: Despite a long leg slot that mastered her first appearance in Cannes Bella Hadid almost perfectly.


Cannes that go well? In a more than permissive dress model Bella Hadid presented d’Azur itself on Wednesday at the Venice Film Festival on the French Riviera on the red carpet. For the premiere of “the unknown girl the 19-year-old wearing a silky red dress. This not only little fabric covered her ample cleavage, especially the high leg slot could concern the Viewer. The generous cut-out of the floor-length dress a risky matter ranged widely over the hip.


While Bella Hadid here and there of their snippet tugged, the dress did not cause no problems down there. On the stairs, one could guess just what was the model under the silk fabric: a narrow, red high-waist panties was integrated into the dress. With black high heels and bright earrings, Bella Hadid made her first appearance in Cannes perfect.

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