Sylvie Meis “I Can Feel Very Lonely”

Sylvie Meis :

“Let’s dance” bakes Sylvie MEIs has revealed in an interview that she feels very lonely


Shines, laughs, makes jokes, and looks stunning with: observing Sylvie MEIs at her appearances in the show “let’s dance“, never would have the idea that the presenter with very sad phase has to fight.


A lot of work and lonely hours

Just while the three-month shoot for the dance show the Dutch is often alonedeeply absorbed in work: moderation processes samples, making set visits and press appointments. And in between again lonely hours in hotel rooms.


Sylvie misses her son Damian


In an interview with the TV station “RTL”, Sylvie MEIs told now: “If I am much alone a few days, I can feel very lonely.” In addition, that the 38-year-old misses her son Damian, if she‘s on the road for their work. The mentioning is then maintained in Hamburg nanny dorte. Fortunately, there are video telephony. So Sylvie MEIs and her son can see himself during the phases of separation, at least on the screen.


Working at the TV also has advantages


Even if the time of “let’s dance“-Drehs is hard: Sylvie know that work in television gives you great benefits. “These three months ‘ let’s dance’, there‘s nothing I can do.I can call not RTL and say I want the show then and then. The is used. But everything else, such as photo shoots or events, which are all jobs, this is my work and therefore I deserve my money.” So Sylvie MEIs could freely divided the time before and after the shooting of months and decide for themselves what public appearances it perceives.

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