Robin Wright Appeared In “Blade Runner 2”

Robin Wright :

The cast of ‘Blade Runner 2′ has an additional member: Robin Wright plays a main role. The Strip comes in 2018 in the cinemas.


In the January 2018 comes the sequel to ‘Blade Runner’ in the cinema. Harrison Ford(73, “Star Wars: the awakening of power“) again takes over the part of Rick Deckard,even Ryan Gosling (35, “Gangster Squad”) slips into a starring role. Now the two get female support: as the industry journal “Variety” reported exclusively, meets Robin Wright (49, “House of Cards”) to the cast. So far, it is unknown who or what will play Wright.


It looked apparently long didn’t feel that Robin Wright could participate in the Strip, since it is very fixed in the hit series “House of Cards”. But now a solution has been found. Also promising names can be found behind the camera. Denis Villeneuve (“sicario”) is directing. Roger Deakins, who has appeared in such films as “No Country for Old Men” and “Skyfall” is the cinematographer. The story you want to play some decades after the original story based in the year 2019.

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