Paris Hilton US Star Is Back Solo

Paris Hilton :

US star Paris Hilton and the Swiss millionaire Hans Thomas Gross have parted from the dream:.


It all started so promising: U.S. hotel heiress Paris Hilton, 35, and the Swiss self-made millionaire Hans Thomas Gross, 39, are a few more. They now also officially confirmed this via spokesman: “the two have jointly decided to separate and agreed to talk about publicly.” Swiss magazine “Look” will have learned also that the former dream couple goes separate ways since a month.


The separation is surprising, because Paris Hilton planned even a common life in Schindellegi, near Zurich in the Switzerland: “I am trying to acquire a small vocabulary, until today I at Hello, Merci and farewell“, said she still end of 2015 the “Schweizer Illustrierte”. The illustrious pair almost a year ago in French Cannes had met.


Consolation: Festival and sister

What broke up the love, is not known. According to her Instagram account, the blonde consoles across but himself at the Coachella Festival on the honey off. On the there posted photos, California presents girl in sexy hippie pointed looks. No question, really good you didn’t have in the Swiss mountains fit…


Of course a baby has again brought distant with the separation. That Hilton wishes that it it makes no secret long. After all, Paris Hilton is aunt soon. Because, unlike as in your‘s runs at her younger sister, Nicky, 32, relationship technically around: on the dream wedding with James Rothschild of the prominent Rothschild banking family followed in July 2015 will soon be the first common child, because Nicky is in the seventh month of estimated is pregnant.

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