Nabilla Benattia Reveals Her Secrete Place

Nabilla Benattia :

In his book too soon, Nabilla Benattia shows have had a laptop in his possession to contact Thomas. The young woman, always very talkative, even said that the person who owned the phone hid it in her vagina!


Big crazy laughter on the set of Philippe Vandel. On the occasion of the release of her book too quickly, former reality TV star went on the shelf of everything and its opposite to discuss, inter alia, his spell in prison. In the pages of his book, Nabilla Benattia explained that she had managed to contact his Thomas Vergara Darling while she was locked up thanks to the laptop of a cellmate, hidden in “its mold” or her vagina. “It was a big portable” she recalls, adding that should well be able to pass with a mobile phone without getting caught by the guards. “How to make it fit a laptop in prison? There is no 36hole”unleashes laughing. However, Nabilla Benattia could never call herself his Darling and had to ask his colleague to cell to do so in its place.


On the plateau of seven or eight, Nabilla Benattia had already revealed that she had had access to a mobile phone to contact her boyfriend. “Jecrivais of the letters and another detainee read these letters to Thomas on the phone” explained, before asking justice to let him review his companion. “They are fed up. Asked justice to let us meet again, clearly. One loves, one wants to marry, to have children. Finally, not immediately… “.

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