Lindsay Lohan So Now All Shock

Lindsay Lohan :

Actually shocked US starlet Lindsay Lohan with drug escapades the latest blockbuster but is of a completely different nature


When you think of fallen child stars, the name of Lindsay Lohan in the sense comes immediately.


The 29-year old actress (“girls mean!”) became aware as a Disney star, made famous but in the past more crashing of admissions in rehab or jail and drug excesses in. It is certain: Lindsay Lohan has already a bit behind.


She converted to Islam?


Now, Lindsay Lohan seems to have got the curve. For about half a year, she was dating with Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov which seems good for you. The latest rumor:The actress is to play with the idea to convert to Islam. Already by 2015, she was spotted in New York with the Koran. In an interview with the British ‘The Sun’ she talked but for the first time about their faith. “I‘m very open to a very spiritual person and learning to”, so the Catholiceducated Lindsay Lohan. “We all believe in something, and at the end of this all boils down to a God or spiritual adviser .”


Favorite book: Quran


But to really convert to Islam, Lindsay Lohan needs probably more time to decide entirely. Finally, the reading of Sacred Scripture requires something else: “I haven’t read yet it to end. Do you know how long that would take? It takes really long.”

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