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Lady Gaga :

Lady Gaga is born. In GALA, she reveals their wedding plans and how she imagine their future life as a mother


For about five years, Lady Gaga, are 30, and Taylor Kinney, 34, a few. Valentine’s day 2015 stopped the “Vampire diaries” actor with a heart-shaped diamond ring and abundant red roses to her hand. Nails with heads have not made but so far the two. That will change now. GALA met the six-time Grammy Award winner in Los Angeles and learned about Miss Germanotta: “I‘ll soon says Kinney.”


Is it true that you get in the summer walk down the aisle?

We would rather like to surprise all. Sure is only: we‘re getting married. We plan to have longer, so far we had trouble finding an appropriate time because both Taylor and I were pretty clamped with our television projects but again and again. I with “American horror story: Hotel and with “Chicago Fire”.


Does that mean you are married quietly?

In my veins flows Italian blood that committed me to a large, roaring Festival in terms of my ancestors. My family would Lynch me if it would be different. But we are not going to overdo it. It will be a beautiful, intimate wedding. My mother is already in the planning (laughs).

Allegedly, jazz legend Tony Bennett is to occur at the ceremony.

I asked him, he smiled.


What fascinated you about your fiance, when you first met him?

Taylor is the first man who had tears in his eyes when he saw me sing live on stage.That means a lot to me. He let the woman be simple as me I am, and supports me in everything I do. He loves me with skin and hair, and I can feel it every day. When we first met, he asked about my real name. He wanted to call me not Lady Gaga, which impressed me hard. What to wear or who I am in the limelight is also otherwise don’t care about him, is only important to him who I am at home.


Are children a theme?

Be sure soon I want to start a family with many children. Three should be at least.And I want to be a mother, that there is very intense for their children. Is important that I can inspire my children so that they can become the people, that it would be me.



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