Kim Kardashian Want To Lose Weight 10 Kilos

Kim Kardashian :

Kim Kardashian is unhappy with her body. She want to lose weight just under ten kilos and betrayed, what diet is she for it


A pregnancy can bring some extra pounds with it. Reality star Kim Kardashian (35,“Keeping Up With The Kardashians”) has undergone this bitter truth on his own body. After the birth of her second child Saint in December, she fights according to own data, still with her weight. As reported by “Glamour”, the wife of singer Kanye West(38, “Yeezus”) trying to take less than ten kilos.


“I have grown quite a bit and have to remove a lot,” she told reports on Saturday in Las Vegas. They will reach their destinations with a strict nutrition. Here, she keep on a low-carb diet, eat low carbohydrates and many proteins. In addition, Kim Kardashian do also sports. “I hope and pray, that the combination of the two brings the last 20 pounds to melt”, so the double-Mama.

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