Kim Kardashian Is No Longer Breastfeeding Her Son

Kim Kardashian :

In December last year, Kim Kardashian gave birth to her son Saint West. But now she can no longer satisfy the little and his sister North West is to blame


In December 2015, Kim Kardashian gave birth to their second child. Son of Saint is so barely a few months old and would actually still be breastfed. This was at least the plan of 35 years. But her daughter North West was so jealous that it was simply not possible.


She wanted to chest in Mamas

In the talk show of her sister Khloe Kardashian “Kocktails with Khloe” Kim chatted out why Saint no longer gives the breast: “North West has stopped it for me. Kim Kardashian has been crying a lot and tried to pull him away from me. I‘ve breastfed him on this page and she was so jealous that she put her small milk carton with the straw on the other side in my BRA, so that she could drink from it.”


North West wearing the pants

A few days later had the mini Diva then but relented and allowed her mother to breast-feed the little Saint. But Kim Kardashian had to tell her that it would no longer: “honey, the milk has dried up. It‘s too late.” As the two reacted to this information, the woman not told West about rapper Kanye unfortunately. However, is clear: Nori is the boss in the House of Kardashian-West.



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