Kesha Now She Should Testify Under Oath

Kesha :

The dispute between Kesha and Dr. Luke Gets a new Showdown: the singer should reaffirm their rape accusations under oath.


The first byte in the dispute over allegations of abuse by Kesha (29, “we R who weR”) to their ex producer Dr. Luke, 42, are history. Now comes a really big showdown in the process apparently: In June, the singer will probably reaffirm through video cameras the accusations in New York under oath and observation. The reports include the ‘daily mail’.


According to the report, it was Dr. Luke, who has requested a new hearing. Also, it isconceivable that there is a direct encounter between Kesha and her alleged tormentor during the appointment.


So far no success for Kesha

In early April and midFebruary Kesha had lost two procedures. Courts rejected their demand for different reasons, to be release hatch from their record deal with Sony and Dr.. Last, it had said inter alia Kesha too late, brought after expiration of a five-year statute of limitations, have their allegations of abuse.


Kesha had shown Dr. Luke end of 2014. The producer, with which she together had taken several hits, had abused them for ten years sexually, physically and mentally, she said. Dr. Luke rejects the allegations and has shown the singer and her mother now for libel.

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