Katie Price New Horses Hailstorms

Katie Price :

The ideas never go out Katie Price. Latest coup: a gig as a Unicorn, Unicorn. Had to furnish a horse and her husband…


Hailstorms seem to like Katie Price (37, “Beeing Jordan”). Why else should the British it girl provoke again with horses action? Just two days after the heated discussion of the diamond and heart shave of their ponies price provided for new wind in the sails of the Hailstorm: she dressed up not only itself as a Unicorn at the launch of her reality show, but deformed one of their horses to the mythical beast.


With much glitter and more pink color you painted a mold and thus rather turned the animal into a jokes instead of fairy tale. The reactions of the fans were there of course not long in coming: how ‘stupid’, “overkill”, “crazy” are words to read on Instagram. But the action also caused much laughter in addition to riot. Katie Price was indeed her husband Kieran Hayler, 29, to disguise himself as a Unicorn.


Graciously, he was allowed to wear a blue outfit but also not helped, to preserve the masculinity. Attention for the new show by price there for this lot. Sometimes Hailstorms are probably not so bad…

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