Katie Holmes Nightmare Suri is the Horror Brat

Katie Holmes :

Like father, like daughter: Celebrity Scion Suri Cruise is becoming a Satansbraten and apparently some character traits of her father’s inheritance


Katie Holmes was such a cute kid, but Suri Cruise seems to have developed into a real diva.


So mentioning according to “Page six” their music teacher the reason fired: “Creative differences”… what says to do to?


Like father, like daughter


The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has become obviously cribbed the eccentric behavior of their dad. The Hollywood star is known for his diva Act and reportedly also a bully, what applies to its employees. Suri Tom took about as a model?


Star airs of a la Suri


As with her mother on Tuesday (29 March) the Broadway performance “School of rock: the musical attended and then went into the backstage area, should Katie Holmes talked of their teacher. On the question whether she play an instrument because, by actor Alex Bright man, the mini Diva said, that she‘ve played guitar, but separated from her teacher. Katie Holmes said, she was a really nice person, but it doesn’t work”, so an insider to do so.

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