Julianne Moore Says “Work is work”

Julianne Moore :

Julianne Moore apparently considered acting as a job like any other. She takes their roles not with home.


In her new movie “Free held all love is equal”, embodies Julianne Moore a lesbian police officer who is dying of lung cancer. It is not the first time that a woman is playing Moore, who is so close to death: 2015 she was awarded for her role of a linguist suffering from Alzheimer’s in “Still Alice”, 2014, with the Oscar.


Such roles do dunnhautiger the 55-year-old but apparently. “As soon as I get home,I drop the role”, said the mother of two in an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”. Although you can get close as an actress on the emotions of the role, but why not automatically itself to make the experience. “Our job is to convey as authentic,” what went through a person.


Julianne Moore asked not “onetoone can feel” and therefore all parties concerned the emotions of the main character in “Still Alice” to tell her what she should take into account.“I therefore have at all no problem to give the role to the dressing room”, so Moore.Also she wouldn’t their family members say at home because of their work, you should leave them alone. “I have the responsibility, in addition to my job also for them to be yes my family.”


“Who wants to see his mother already at work?”


Moore’s children apparently anyway not very well know the work of her famous mother. Her son, 16, was indeed old enough to watch their movies. “But who wants to watch already, his mother at work?” The “tribute of panem”-youth novel adaptations in which coin played the role of President Alma Moore, be already interested in their children. From the series “I knew nothing at all, if my children had read the books, not”, admits Moore in an interview.


Julianne Moore‘s latest film “Freeheld all love is equal to” run on 7 April in the German cinemas.

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