Julia Roberts Is She Pregnant Again?

Julia Roberts :

Julia Roberts is not only a celebrated Hollywood star, but also a mother of three. Now four expected they supposedly baby number


Between Julia Roberts and husband Danny moder to kriseln’s for a long time. But now they can put back together happy circumstances. The actress should be indeed pregnant.


Pregnant with 48


A close confidant of the couple told the “Star Magazine“: Julia Roberts would not in their wildest dreams expected to be once again pregnant with 48. She and Danny must see it as a sign that they should save their relationship.”


A baby as a marriage saver?


The Insider chatted out also that it was Julia’s whims, which reconciled with the Director in the marriage. Supposedly, she‘s very temperamental and quick-tempered. Through the pregnancy of “pretty woman” should become again aware, how much she love her husband.

Their relationship has turned for the better


And also Danny wants to do everything not to break his oath of allegiance, he hasmade in 2002. “He does everything for them.” You can’t believe, that they are the same couple that they were two months ago”, gushed the friend.


Now going on your well-being


The red-haired star of Hollywood pay attention to stay now completely healthy, to keep this late pregnancy risks as low as possible. So Julia Roberts trying to stay relaxed in any situation and to avoid stress. Also, she keep strictly to their doctor’s instructions.

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