Jennifer Lopez Surprising Kilo Confession

Jennifer Lopez :

Jennifer Lopez is sometimes unhappy with her body. Especially during the breaks of her Las Vegas shows her weight would fluctuate, admits the Latina


Jennifer Lopez (46, “First Love”) there to suffer and weight fluctuations. Like every other woman also she have once more, even less kilo on the hips.


“It is always between three and four kilos up and down”, so the singer on the television program “The View”. “If my show in Las Vegas, I‘m thin. If I then pause, I eat and I‘ll mopping it can feel”, she explained.


Catalyst for the discussion was a photo posted the musician about a year ago on Instagram and that they now “I was in the show with the words as a little moppeling, as you can see”, commented. The statement caused disbelief with the moderators. In particular, actress and presenter Whoopi Goldberg (60, “Sister Act”) countered by stood up, a little lift her top and threw “Which is a bit moppelig” in the round. She turned to Lopez, said: “This girl was never moppelig”.


Wrong self-perception or simply clever PR: Jennifer Lopez surprising kilo confession made for neat want attention and that finally the most stars.


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