Heidi Klum’s Appeal In Everyday Life

Heidi Klum :

Supermodel Heidi Klum has already for years an own line of lingerie called Heidi Klum intimates“. Now, the beautiful blonde revealed on which model she swears in everyday life and how many Bras she at home in the closet,


For years top model has Heidi Klum an own line of lingerie called Heidi Klum intimates“. As a former “Victoria’s secret“-Engel know the 42-year-old Finally, how she use their feminine curves in scene. Because exactly these curves have highlighted the beautiful blonde, especially at the beginning of her career from the crowd and helped her finally in addition to their always good-humored nature and professional attitude to work, to ascend in the model Olympus. “Hans” and “Franz”, as Heidi she likes to call, finally be it German breasts.


More b**bs, BRA less

In an interview with “glamour.com” the Quad-MOM said now under the underwear covers. Heidi Klum prefers a relaxed feel good silhouette with a difference in everyday life.“In the natural and easy fit like.My new motto is: more breasts, less bra. It is in addition. a convenient way to bring a little s*x appeal into the everyday style”


Replied to the question how many bra models she have in their closet, Heidi Klum: “I‘ve lost count! “What is also good, I have more than that.

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