Fast & Furious 8 Rotation Ensures Problems

Fast & Furious 8:

Cuba find just the shooting of the new “fast & furious 8 movie instead. But the Hollywood team ensures chaos on the island.


On the streets of Havana are mostly pretty leisurely with the typical 1950 s years cars. Normally anyway. Just because the Cuban capital and other parts of the island with an unusual traffic chaos are confronted. The reason: The filming of the new “fast and furious 8“-film. Such as “Fox News Latino reported, roads are blocked due to the movie set again and again. Many spectators do the rest.


The victims were mostly locals. “Many complain, because they arrive late to work. Sometimes they do not announce before hand where is filmed”, the online portal quoted a resident. However, even the Cubans themselves on the rotation would be interested in. Many would pass the barriers, in the hope of a cell phone photo. It is not known how long filming on the Caribbean island are still ongoing. That stands for the German release date but by fast & furious 8 already: the 13 April 2017.

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