Cameron Diaz Advertising Without Makeup

Cameron Diaz :

Cameron Diaz has melted down to promote their new lifestyle guide “The Longevity Book”. It is getting old


With her new book, Cameron Diaz wants to (43, “sex tape“), their own words according to attract one of the taboo topics of society: “Ageing”. To show that it is often so bad, the actress posted a new photo on Instagram, which shows them without makeup. “To learn that they can age well, will help one actually better to grow old”, commented on them and was happy their lifestyle guide “The Longevity Book” into the camera. “If you understand how his body works, then you can worry, to keep him best in the form of”, the 43-year-old white.


In a longer article on the website “Our Body Book” Cameron Diaz explains further: “I have the feeling that getting older… got a bad reputation I think that happens when you don’t understand it. That’s why I wanted to write this book, so that we can better understand”. Cameron Diaz found out that it is matter with aging not to grow old, but to live it. “I am in favor of, the discussion beneath the surface to bring… it is about more than wrinkles, gray hair and sleep off – it involves cells and what happens deep in them”.

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