Alessandra Ambrosio “My Body is Better Since The Births”

Alessandra Ambrosio :

“Victoria’s secret“-Engel Alessandra Ambrosio talks unusually open and honest about the changes that have left the births of her body


“Nothing will be more like before” pregnant women before the birth of her child is not always necessarily happy to hear. In the case of Alessandra Ambrosio, this seems to be a way good thing however.


The “Victoria’s secret“-Engel spoke with “The Edit” unusually open about their after-baby body. “Your body will never again look like before pregnancy, even if people tell you. It will not happen”, so the sexy Brazilian.


“But I think that I now have a better body than before. This is partly because that Alessandra Ambrosio now train more, but also with the form more generally. It looks well defined and well shaped”, is the mother of two children safe.


After the birth of her daughter Anja 2008 beauty had only three months of time, for the upcoming “Victoria’s secret” show to come back to FOM. A strict diet with only 1200 calories, they hated in his own words“, and a strict fitness plan made it possible.


Love the Brazilians to curves is known since time immemorial. No wonder, then, that supermodels like Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima or that Alessandra Ambrosio is still super good in business after the births of their children.

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