Selena Gomez Seven Secrets of Success

Selena Gomez :

With these seven success secrets, Selena Gomez has baited now more Instagram followers as Taylor Swift.

Selena Gomez, 23, has become a big star in recent years without question. Instagram she has encountered even follower-Queen Taylor Swift from the throne now aw hopping 300,000 fans follow her. Here the young Texan‘s seven secrets of success.


1. commitment

2009, Selena Gomez was appointed to the hitherto youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, her first official mission led them in the same year a week after Ghana. Suburb you made yourself a picture of the terrible circumstances in which children have to live there. Their prominence, she tried the attention to these abuses to steer. By 2012, she also supported the environmental protection initiative “Disney Friends for change”the Walt Disney Company. In April 2012, she was also Ambassador of Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which works for underprivileged children.

But not only humans, animals are the 23 year old at heart. While shooting for the film “Wizards of Waverly place” 2008 in Puerto Rico she was appointed as the Ambassador of the Organization “” and there cared for abused dogs.


2. TV and film career

Acting, singing, dancing, modeling… Selena Gomez can seemingly do anything. Her latest coup: Produced the series “13 reasons why for Netflix. The native Texan celebrated her big break but in 2007 with the lead role in the Disney series “Wizards of Waverly place”, even then, she sang the title song “everything is what it seems emergency.

Her first movie starring role 2008 landed them with the film “another Cinderella story“. Then she had more minor appearances on television shows, in the movie adaptation of “wizards of Waverly place,” the Disney Strip Princess protection program in 2009 as well as in suddenly Star” 2011. It was followed by some dubbing for “Hotel Transylvania”. 2012 it was to see, surprisingly, she had her last cinema appearance in the Strip alongside Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco in “Spring Breakers” “the big short“. This year will be to see them in “Bad Neighbors 2″.


3. music career

After she had already sung some tunes, Selena Gomez 2008 founded the band  & the scene. With her she has released three Studio albums, the debut album “Kiss & Tell” ended up right off the bat in the American top ten. The single “Who says”the third album was awarded three times Platinum in America. 2012, she separated from her band mates.

Her first solo album “Stars Dance” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, Germany, she managed to place four. With the album’s went for the young American for the first time on a world tour through North America and Europe. In November 2014, the best-of-album “For You”, a year later Gomez’ second Studio album was released “Revival”, which rank twelve of the album charts in the United States reached rank one, in Germany. It is rumored that she processed their failed relationship in some of their songs for Justin Bieber. Their sound is definitely more mature now, she took extra voice lessons to develop their voice.


4. advertising

Been 2012, Selena Gomez brought her first own perfume on the market. Last year she performed a promotional deal with the beauty company Pantene in the footsteps of famous and beautiful stars like Gisele BUndchen, Eva Mendes and Liv Tyler. “E!Online”reported at that time, Gomez got proud three million US dollars for this.

Auch Apple caught Gomez’s face last year for a campaign. The 23-year-old was the show for the new iPhone 6S. Adidas NEO, the singer has designed a feminine sport collection last fall for their commercials, she stood himself in front of the camera. Already some months ago there was a city-style collection in the spring.

5. your friends

Who wants to be in the business, which should surround yourself with the right people. Selena Gomez circle of friends is therefore no less known than itself. Mega Star Taylor Swift is one of their clique, for example for eight years. Rave both always each other in interviews, comment also, if the behavior of each other don’t like it. The BFFs affectionately refer to as sisters and appreciate especially the honesty of their friendship. Most recently, the two were together at the this year’s Grammys.
Was Gomez in the movie “Spring Breakers” with Vanessa Hudgens and the two hit it off even away from the camera. At the met Gala last may, Hudgens of her friend even helped her ex out of the way to go. By 2014, Gomez also on the side of acting colleague Demi Lovato felt comfortable. But the friendship fell apart, Lovato confirmed in an interview last year, the two had no contact and no longer together. Shortly thereafter, they posted a photo on Twitter but, they can go to so as quite normal with each other.

6. your ex

Who appears at longer time on the side of international stars such as Justin Bieber,whose name inevitably gained notoriety. Some time the two even as the new dream pair were considered. For the first time publicly they were fair, yet harmoniously in love 2011 at the Oscar party, vanity not remained by far.
The two since 2013 are officially separated, since then the rumor mill began to simmer. Now, they are long gone as on-off couples in the history of Hollywood. Times report Insider gossip magazines excitedly Bieber wants back his ex, only a little later another denied the flirtation again. Meanwhile, fed up with Gomez himself has mentioned to be in interviews on her ex-boyfriend. Selena Gomez is currently single.

7. earthiness

Life in the limelight has not only sunny sides. It is all the more important to have a family that supports one and is in difficult times at his side. Last year, Selena Gomez made public that her the immune deficiency disease was diagnosed with Lupus and was undergoing chemotherapy. Her family and her friends help her on the floor to stay, Gomez described once in an interview with the “Daily Mail”.
Until she was 20 the singer lived with her mother, her stepfather and several dogs under one roof, 2014 she finally bought an over 600squaremeter site in the LA suburb of Calabasas. So that she is not alone, she is simply two roommates invited, friends from her native Texas. One works as a real estate agent, the other for a social media company. “There are coffee, talks, debates and nights, where we stay up late and talk,” she gushed. Just like any other normal WG also.

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