Salma Hayek Responsible For Death Of Dog

Salma Hayek :

Salma Hayek‘s neighbor apparently confessed to have killed their beloved dog Mozart. However she did not shoot him


A few days ago actress Salma Hayek, 49, (“child heads 2″) on their Instagram profile announced, that her beloved dog Mozart has been found dead at their ranch. Now your neighbor has been apparently killed the dog as the U.S. Portal “TMZ” reported.The police should have confirmed to “TMZ” that Salma Hayek‘s neighbor had made confession. However, extenuating circumstances apply in his case.


Neighbor wanted to scare away the animals


Information of “TMZ” out said the neighbor, that he had been there tired, that thedogs came on his property. This had been the case that whenever when the care taker of the actress with the dogs went walkies. He also stated that he wanted to shoot oneof the animals. On this day he was found again several of Salma Hayek‘s dogs in his garage.Therefore he used an air rifle to scare away the animals. Here a shot got caught the German Shepherd Mongrel and hit an artery near the heart.


Discontinued investigations


The police also assumes that an Airgun shots usually does not lead to death.According to information of “TMZ” ceased the investigation because the dogs illegally stayed on the adjacent property. Salma Hayek‘s Ranch is located south of Seattle in the U.S.State of Washington. Rescued animals such as horses, alpacas and parrots live there.

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