Rihanna Rivalry With Beyonce ?

Rihanna :

Rihanna and Beyonce to be rivals. However, Rihanna is now contrary to this rumor. It is clear on the subject of love.

Both are singers, successful and fascinating beautiful: Rihanna (28, “Diamonds”) and Beyonce (34, “Crazy in Love”). That makes but still long no rivals from the two, the artist from the Caribbean Barbados now clarifies in an interview with the magazine “Vogue”: on the Internet you want “something negative”, “Competition”, “rivalry”. However, that is not her attitude: you could do just their thing. “But it would be no one else able to do that,” says Rihanna.

The evil rumors came after Beyonce’s single ‘Formation’ unexpectedly also came during the release week of Rihanna’s album “Anti” end of January / beginning of February on the market. Both are labels of Jay Z, 46, under contract.


And what is love?

While Beyonce and Jay Z married since 2008 and since 2012, parents of the little Blue Ivy Carter, 4, are reported for several months in the exchange of a second pregnancy or the separation. For Rihanna, the case, however, is clear: is single and in the interview she dares attempted explanation: “My schedule is currently totally crazy.” Therefore it would be “definitely a challenge, if I would decide to do so, a relationship to lead”, so the singer. But: “there is hope.”


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