Paris Jackson With a New Look To Hollywood

Paris Jackson :

Paris Jackson has opted for a type change. Instead of long mane, she now wears blonde short hair cut


Paris Jackson, 17, is in a rebellious phase, which is apparently primarily against their grandmother Katherine. “Katherine has Paris’ hair always loved, that’s why Paris Jackson has cut it off and dyed“, says an Insider “Radar Online” the new look with the daughter of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) surprised.


Instead of long brown mane the 17-year-old wearing a short, blonde bobbed of a la Miley Cyrus now. Even if the look with her family is obviously less well, the radical cutting stresses but her bright blue eyes.


“Basically makes taken exactly the opposite of what her family wants,” explains the informant. This includes also the smoking. But fearing that the girl could exclude them even further, her family would even allow that at the moment. You‘re getting all worried.


Meeting with Hollywood Manager


The 17-year old even seems to know what Paris Jackson wants but exactly. In addition, “RadarOnline” reported she have met recently with the Manager of Leonardo DiCaprio, to advance her Hollywood career. Rock Yorn did together is already three years ago with the daughter of Jackson, now he organized a new meeting. Everyone was very excited to what the future will bring. “She‘s smart and pretty. You can do it”, an insider confirms her. She will be up at least with her new hairstyle.

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