No, Jessica Biel Is Not Pregnant

Jessica Biel :

In recent weeks, the rumor runs about the possible second pregnancy of Jessica Biel. The actress is mocked these noise of corridor on the plateau of Ellen DeGeneres.


And if Jessica Biel was pregnant for the second time? This is the question posed by the media in recent weeks. On the plateau of Ellen DeGeneres, the girlfriend of Justin Timberlake emerged from his silence to assert that she was not happy event unlike some publications announce waiting. “But you prepare you for your next child, because I heard that you were pregnant” asked Ellen DeGeneres to get information on the part of his guest. “I don’t know even what to say. I was thinking of making things well with yoga and the gym. “But no: I bide apparently” fun Jessica Biel concerning his supposed baby bump. The MOM of the little Silas, nearly a year, was also at the centre of the discussion between the TV show host and star. The little boy would already be a fan of the music of his dad. It must be said that the boy grew up with the sound of the voice of his father throughout his visit in his mother‘s womb. . “I probably attended 40 or 50 concerts when I was pregnant. I stood there, the music was so strong that I told myself “I‘ll do harm to this baby” “.


It is on 17 March that Life & Style magazine launched the rumor about the supposed pregnancy of Jessica Biel claiming that the proud parents were “discussing names“. This is missed!

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