Nabilla Wants T0 Fall Back Into Anonymity

Nabilla Benattia :

A few hours ago, Nabilla Benattia has unveiled a new excerpt from his book, too soon. The starlet including evokes his wish to fall back into anonymity and cut short to her ultra woman publicized daily.


Nabilla Benattia has had enough. On April 14, the young woman will unveil his fans his second book, too fast (Editions Robert Laffont). In the pages of this book coauthored with Jean-Francois Kervean, the starlet evokes its very rapid ascent in showbiz but also his stay in prison as she did know in preview first unveiled already a few days ago on his account Instagram. “These last two years, I also learned that it is better to rely only on itself and his family, which is not the masses of people, in the end. You understand really, when a dirty morning, you find yourself in jail you typing the head against the walls, confident that your life is fucking. But hey, life is really never fucking”she remembers about his fiveweek stay in Versailles women‘s prison.


To Live Happily, Live Hidden


Most recently, Nabilla Benattia has unveiled another and second extract from his book. The star then mentions his desire to find anonymity. “When I imagine my happy life, I do not see thirty-six photographers, I see this House quiet, a little hidden,  I could live by performing me with those I love and freedom #TropVite” she wrote always on behalf Instagram. Waiting to be able to make discrete media, the young woman awaiting trial which will take place next May. It will be judged for acts of violence against its Darling Thomas Vergara.


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