Mariah Carey Is She a Monster ?

Mariah Carey :

Oh dear! According to Morgan Carey, the brother of Mariah Carey, the pop star is not only a ‘witch’, the heartless Diva should have simply let her sister her death-destiny


Mariah’s got no heart?

There are terrible accusations that rises against his famous younger sister Mariah Carey Morgan Carey. Allegations which are likely to meet the singer (“hero”) directly into the heart. But according to Morgan, Mariah Carey has no heart.


It is a ‘witch’

More than that, You should be literally a selfish “witch”. He has claimed that at leastcompared with the online edition of the tabloid “The Sun”.


She lets her sister down

The 51 leads the Mariah Carey‘s behavior in connection with the common sister Alison, 54,HIV disease as a reason. The hospitalization is expensive for the cost of the well known sister won’t come up allegedly.


Angry accusations

“Your sister is dying and fighting and where are you?You think you‘re so fabulous,but you‘re a witch”, the journal of Morgan Carey quoted. Harsh words that make it clear how hurt the family by Mariah Carey apparently is. According to Morgan, the pop diva James Packer have enough money especially after her wedding with the contractor. “She spends probably more for dog food, as an adequate supply of her sister would cost.”


Selfish and self-centered

The world must turn to them, there is no room for other things, so Mariah Carey. Also onemore thing it eats: in the past he told Mariah his wife by the miscarriage, also on this email he had received no reply.


“We have never received a reply”

According to the report, Alison Carey, the eldest of three siblings, worked previously as a prostitute in the New York area. Now she wait for operations on the brain and spinal cord. Morgan Carey claimed that the common sister tried desperately to reach Mariah Carey. “We have never received a reply.” She also wasn’t there was, as last year was very poor Alison. The relationship of siblings is considered difficult in recent years.


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