Mandy Capristo She’s so Funny Really

Mandy Capristo :

That singer Mandy Capristo takes itself too seriously proves a humorous Instagram posting


She takes the fun

Yikes, Mandy Capristo, 25, can be fun too. On her official Instagram account showed the former “Monrose” singer (“hot summer”) humor and became, even fun, she is sitting on her new solo album since a perceived eternity: “what will likely happen, the new airport in Berlin opened, Leverkusen is a German football champions or Mandy Capristo brings new music out?”, was the fun puzzles.


When will the album only?

It seemed that in the past anyway, because Mandy Capristo on new music waiting for their fans. Clear that the Internet world so slowly making fun story about this never ending, because the musician struck only with private headlines or their appearance.


No time for the music?

Maybe the pretty artist but also simply too much that is engaged in to enjoy their renewed happiness with professional soccer player Mesut Ozil, 27.


Mandy takes it calmly

How beautiful, nasty comments when Mandy take care of bad mood, but she just turns the tables and she can even laugh at themselves. A fan was “Nice that you take it with humor”, Mandy Capristo sympathy-post on the point.

However, a question remains: when will Mandy Capristo album now at last?

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