Lena Dunham With Burst Cyst In Clinic

Lena Dunham :

The “girls” actress and-Erfinderin Lena Dunham had to be hospitalized with a ruptured cyst in the hospital


Lena Dunham‘s preoccupation: the “girls” star has been delivered to the hospital.Reason for the Notfallwar a ruptured cyst.


She has endometriosis

As the spokesman confirmed the actress ‘US Weekly’, the 29-year-old came on Saturday morning (March 5) in the clinic and must undergo surgery. Lena Dunham has made very public their personal battle with endometriosis”, according to the spokesman. “This morning one of their ovarian cysts burst, and she is brought to the hospital. Lena will be operated in a hospital, not posted. We thank you forunderstanding and hope that Lena’s privacy be respected.”


Only a few weeks ago, the “girls”-Erfinderin had spoken on their Instagram pageabout their health problems. “As many of you know, I have endometriosis,” wrote Lena Dunham in a long post. “With the disease, I‘m going through a difficult phase,and my body (as well as my wonderful doctors) advise me clearly that it is time to rest.”

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