Kristen Stewart In Public With Girlfriend

Kristen Stewart :

Kristen Stewart has made a significant commitment to her new friend Stephanie Sokolinski, as now appears a first kiss photo of the two in public

Kristen Stewart, 25, and her friend Stephanie Sokolinski (“Swat”), 30, hide no longer.One might think that in any case, when one considers the first kiss photo of the two in public. The actress and the singer at least unofficially confirm their love affair with the emerged picture from Paris.


It says Robert Pattinson

According to “Hollywood Life” an insider told now thoughts of his ex-girlfriend‘s new relationship with regard to Pattinson: “Rob is very happy for Kristen Stewart and hope only the best for her relationships and her career. He has no evil thoughts towards her.They had their time together and he is glad to hear that she‘s happy.”


The common relationship

After the liaison between Kristen Stewart and Pattinson broke up in the year 2013, both were repeatedly for headlines and rumors that their love life. When Pattinson some calm is returned in this respect since January 2015, because since he is engaged with the British singer “FKA Twigs”. Eventually, his ex-girlfriend has now also finally found her personal happiness.



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