Kim Kardashian Winner of The Day

Kim Kardashian  :

Kim Kardashian is one of 64 million fans on Instagram


#Instaproud: Kim Kardashian (35, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”) has been recently one of 64 million followers on Instagram. A reason to celebrate: The reality star posted a sexy Selfie for her fans as a thank you. With intensified pout lips and around a kilo of concealer in the face, she looks into the camera. “I love you guys!” she the image comments.


64 million subscribers, Kim Kardashian holds the third place in the celebrity competition to the most followers. However, the Instagram Queen is Selena Gomez, 23, who dethroned until a few weeks ago pop starlet Taylor Swift, 26, with 70 million fans. Well Kim Kardashian love, need to catch up seems still tidy with sweet baby pictures of Saint West like you have the next six million but soon in your Pocket!

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