Katy Perry Caught Fumbling With Orlando!

Katy Perry :

Holla the forest fairy pop star Katy Perry and acting-hottie Orlando Bloom were caught together in the fumbling in the Park. Here the video proof


Well see what Sean, we doing there?

That Katy Perry, 31, and Orlando Bloom, 39, a hot pair of the superstar who is now well known. To each other but still not fall here in public. “E! Online”has ensured that the fans of the singer (“ROAR”) and actor (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) now also know this. This hot video is everywhere now in circulation: Katy Perry and Orlando were at the“San Ysidro Ranch” in Santa Barbara on Sunday (March 20) and obviously had fun with each other.


Katy is so crazy about Orlando

Between the two stars to the spark spruhren. Katy Perry like Orlando is as down to Earth,” said an insider with “E! Online”the relationship.


It is always more serious…

“For them, it seems to be really serious, they are officially a couple. They call him their friend.” Orlando should be also totally happy with the musician and has presented even its son Flynn, 5, her. Therefore it is not surprising also that the two lovers every free second want to spend together.


The star couple travel

Recently, she traveled for a short trip to London and both with a broad grin at the airport in Los Angeles have been spotted again. Before that went to Hawaii for the holidays as well as for making party to New York. There they saw themselves beautifully. “It looked as if Katy Perry would feel really comfortable and Katy Perry seemed close to Orlando to be herself. They were sitting close together, and Orlando was a true gentleman.”

He has forgotten his gentleman manners probably just his clothes attack at the Park.


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