Kanye West Fans Tear to His Fashion

Kanye West :

Kanye West has opened in New York a store with his new collection. The police had to move in to control the crowd,


Kanye West, 38, has opened a new shop in New York City and the fans flocked in mass there, to get clothes, designed by the musician,. According to the “TMZ”, even the police had to move in to control the crowd. A giant snake to have formed before the shop, there‘s the new collection. Customers were allowed to take home then allegedly only two parts per person.


Kanye West even posted on Twitter a photo that shows the crowd before downloading and police cars standing at the side of the road.


Kanye West was not


The new line of the musician has apparently also T-Shirts with pictures of Kanye West‘s late mother Donda West shirts and jackets. According to “Entertainment Weekly”, the pieces offered in the store cost between 35 and 400 dollars. His new album,“The Life Of Pablo” should have run in the background while the fans at shopping. The rapper himself was reportedly not present.

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