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Justin Bieber :

Justin Bieber: New record on Vevo


Singer Justin Bieber (23, “Purpose”) has set a new record. His profile on the music video platform “Vevo” has reached now 10 billion clicks. Thus, he is the first artist who has received so many. Taylor Swift (26, “1989”) or Adele (27, “25”) that can’t keep up with.


Most of his videos there have nine-digit click numbers, some songs, such as “Sorry”and “Baby” are even in the ten-digit area. The record of the most clicks within 24 hours of another keeps however: short after his death on January 10, David Bowie videos that broke the record of 36 million clicks, the Adele with her single “Hello” was set up. You have been watched millions of times in the 24 hours 51.

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